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Fever Wrap

What's the worst part of a fever? When the meds wear off and your child is burning up and miserable. Please don't feel helpless any longer.

Hospital inspired and patent pending, this is an absolute game changer. We've spent years in development to brings this solution to keep your child comfortable during a fever.

How it works: Our FeverWrap draws heat away from the body, while allowing your child's inner core to stay heated in order to fight off its bug and win its internal battle. And because heat is being drawn away from your child's surface (as it rises up and radiates from your child's core), your child doesn't feel hot and miserable; even though their core temperature is still doing it's job and killing off it's bug. And since your child doesn't feel hot and miserable, your child can get the rest and sleep that they so desperately need.

  • Soft and comforting to the touch
  • Reusable and always ready
  • No Activation of any kind needed
  • Sensory friendly
  • Draws heat away for hours
  • Incredibly durable
  • Inner gel is 100% Non Toxic
  • BPA Free
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